LA Bans Electronic Cigarettes in Nearly All Public Places – Why?

Recently, the famous city of Los Angeles, California, where people pursue dreams of stardom and fame, has banned electronic cigarettes. One question goes through my head; Why? These devices which use liquid, or “juice”, vaporize and provide a safer alternative to smoking cigarettes. Being a consumer of electronic cigarettes myself, I see no harm at all in these fun, harmless pieces of technology.

The kicker for this argument is that there is no research showing what exactly these things do to your body. I have not heard of anyone dying from them besides hearing about pneumonia from water collecting in the lungs and a supposed man who’s e-cig blew up in his face (this is most likely complete BS). When something is helping people quit the number one killer in the United States, there can’t possibly be too much harm in it.

I believe that if the city of Los Angeles is going to make these illegal in public places, they should have proper evidence proving the harm that these electronic cigarettes do to not only the body, but also people around users that are in the environment. This ban is ridiculous and ill represented and I say, “Shame on LA for eliminating an alternative to smoking cigarettes containing cancerous materials that kill millions, if not billions, every year.”Image


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