Classic Foreign Films to Watch When you’ve Lost Faith in Today’s Cinema

What’s wrong with today’s cinema? Nowadays, it seems that every major Hollywood movie production company is either re-making movies we’ve already seen or are coming out with unneeded sequels to our favorite superhero movies using different actors in different films. There is a lot of good in today’s cinema, don’t get me wrong I love […]

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Best Practices Report

In the music industry today, social media is an important tool for gaining fans, promoting music, uploading music videos, or advertising. There are so many opportunities for people to create a brand name for themselves through platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. Even though there are so many things to do to make your social […]

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Upfront Analysis: @claycages

About the Artist Clay Cages is a Emo/Alternative band from Nashville, TN and is really popping in the scene of the Tennessee area. Only being a band for about two years, Clay Cages is managed by Unplugged Entertainment LLC and performs at local house shows, concert venues, and has been avidly in the studio recording […]

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